Iced Tea/Simple Syrup Recipe

I’m convinced tea is something that will help me live forever. Knowing I’m drinking something with a plethora of antioxidants fills me with optimism. Also, tea just screams “life-sustaining.”

Even if it isn’t, I still like to drink tea because of its strong flavor and my control over how sweet I can make it. It’s a good alternative for soda as well. Water is great and I appreciate its necessary value to our existence, but sometimes I want something with more flavor to quench my thirst.

It’s lead me to drink about two to four cups of tea a day. So, I decided to start making iced tea. I now make a pitcher almost every day.

I used a mixture of hibiscus and green tea, here’s my recipe:

  • 2 hibiscus tea bags
  • 1 green tea bag
  • 2 quarts boiling water
  • sugar/ simple syrup to taste (recipe further down)

Heat up two quarts of water. Remove the strings from the tea bags. Put all three tea bags in the pitcher. Pour almost all the hot water, leaving a little room to stir. If you want it mildly sweetened, I recommend at least four tablespoons of sugar. If you want it to taste like sweet tea, I recommend one and a half cups of sugar.

I personally like it mildly sweetened. Sometimes, though, I’m in the mood for something with a dangerous amount of sugar. This is where my simple syrup comes in handy. I can pour it straight into my cup before I pour my iced tea. Here is my recipe:

  • 1 part brown (or any type of) sugar
  • 1 part boiling water

Put the brown sugar in a container. Slowly pour hot water into the container, stirring often. Depending on how thick you want the syrup, add enough water to suit your tastes. A near 1:1 ration usually works for me.

The best part of having iced tea ready. Having simple syrup handy makes this an easy and rewarding task. Cheers!



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